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12 Reasons Fall Outfits are Sweeter than Christmas Morning

12 Reasons Fall Outfits are Sweeter than Christmas Morning

It seems that the world becomes completely obsessed with the autumn season.

But nothing is sweeter than what cooler weather, pumpkin everything and later sunrises means for our wardrobe.

Here are 12 reasons fall outfits are sweeter than Christmas morning.

1. When you wear your fave ugly sweater, people think you’re just being ironic.

I mean how long is a girl expected to wait before dusting off her mustard-colored turtleneck with the wolf on it?

2. Wearing an infinity scarf at a press conference won’t end in a slew of parody Twitter accounts.

Your neck-cessory savvy is eternal.

3. The mustache coolness window. Period.

Time is of the essence for rocking the mouth brow, fellas and/or ladies.

4. Your legs won’t see daylight again (or a razor) until Spring.

I like my autumn stems like I like my polar bears. White and furry.

5. You can wear a hoodie outside without the fear of heat exhaustion.

So warm, much cozy.

6. New boot smell is the best stanky foot odor masker.

Pedicures are afterthoughts again.

7. Less running, more layers.

Also? More pie.

8. Earmuffs are the perfect excuse to ignore anyone talking about vegan Thanksgiving.

No matter what you say, it is humanly impossible to shove stuffing inside a tofurkey.

9. There’s no such thing as a bad hair day when you have an endless supply of beanies.

Knit caps save lives from blow dryers.

10. Who doesn’t love sock shopping?


11. There’s never not a good time for leggings.

Finally. They’re “pants” again.

12. Turtlenecks aren’t just for slow-moving reptiles.

Okay. Yeah. Yes they are. Don’t wear turtlenecks.

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