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11 Tweets About Going to the Pool with Kids Every Parent Can Relate To

Ah, summertime.

The perfect time of year to lose every ounce of excitement you attached to “going to the pool” because kids. These people on Twitter really know what’s up when it comes to venturing to that swimming hole and finding children present.

Going to the pool with kids is super hilarious. These tweets that every parent can relate to totally prove that.

1. This tweet about how much we care for your acrobatics, child.

2. This tweet about the peanut gallery composed of not-your-own-children.

3. This tweet about the alternate use for popular pool toys.

4. This tweet about the creative pool games kids create.

5. This tweet about how the entire pool area is a kid’s personal toilet.

6. This tweet about our convictions to be better parents, but then remembering we need a frosty beverage.

7. This tweet about poolside parenting math.

8. This tweet about the types of things kids just need to know about the pool.

9. This tweet about how the tables have turned, but not really.

10. And finally, this tweet about how parents gauge the temperature over summer break.

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