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1 Mom + 5 Honest Hairstyles

Every mom knows what’s up with these brutally honest hairstyles.

And if you don’t? You will soon.

The “Shit We Are Late”

Rushing out the door with wet hair is almost a rite of passage into motherhood.

The “Breakfast Battle Braids”

The illustriously glamorous breakfast table dream where more Cheerios make it into your hair than into your child’s mouth. Silver lining is that you’ll have a snack handy when the toddler’s whining as you stroll through Target later.

The “Nap While They Nap”

Ha. Ha ha ha ha. HA!

The “Had It Up To Here”

Also commonly referred to as “The Wit’s End”, the classic harried, toppling top knot.

The “Once In A Blue Moon”

That sweet spot magically pocket of time when the kids are curious enough about something, anything, to give you a solid 20 minutes to pull yourself together. THAT.

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