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DIY Photo Memory Ornament Supplies via @shuggilippo

DIY Photo Memory Ornaments

Christmas is my favorite time to reflect on the events of the past year. And while scrolling through the camera roll on my phone is all well and good to get a glimpse at what I did, it’s nice to have something you can walk past every day.

I decided to use my HP Sprocket Printer to create these quick and easy DIY photo memory ornaments to toss on a social media memory tree in my office.

DIY Photo Memory Ornaments with HP | SHUGGILIPPO - An Oklahoma City Millennial Lifestyle & Parenting Blog - Millennial Mom Blogger - Millennial Mom Vlogger



DIY Photo Memory Ornament Supplies via @shuggilippo


1. Using the HP Sprocket app, select and print your photos.

2. Trim about 1/2 inch off the top or bottom of the photo so it fits well in your ornament.

3. Using a funnel or paper cone, fill your ornament with iridescent snow filler and chunky glitter of your choice.

4. Gently roll your photo, length-wise and insert into the ornament.

5. Re-attach the ornament topper and string with twine or ribbon of your choice.

6. Hang on a small tree or your family tree!

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